IMG_3787 copy.JPG

wmcs youth Company

peter pan crocodile puppet


university module

IMG_3805 copy.JPG

three-metre long crocodile puppet, designed to be operated by four youth puppeteers

external commission for WMCS Youth company production of peter pan

Fabrication assistant - Lucy Burbridge

Jaw mechanism assistant - 

Nic Ferrard

Four operator mid-height croc copy.jpg

concept design work 



project management

Crocodile clay sculpt copy.JPG

wet clay head sculpt

Patterning for head

Plastazote head construction


Leg patterning

Crocodile hand-painted eyes copy.JPG

back painted eyes

IMG_3756 copy.JPG

Plastazote construction - head

Four operator mid-height croc 2.jpg
Four operator mid-height croc 3.jpg
IMG_3267 copy.JPG

Taped head sculpt

IMG_3327 copy.JPG

head pattern on Plastazote

Croc legs copy.jpg

Plastazote legs with carved feet & scaling added

IMG_3738 copy.JPG

Plastazote construction - legs & body

IMG_3731 copy.JPG

Plastazote construction - tail